Brian Muni: Occupational Therapist

  • “Bright and imaginative”

    Steven E Kanor, PhD – Pres, CEO, Toys for Special Children, Inc

  • “Creative and passionate...Positive and encouraging...Uncovered ways to motivate my child other therapists could not.”

    Kristin C. – Parent

  • “Unique style. Engaged everyone through use of music, rhythm and verbal praise. I’m amazed at how visibly ‘alive’ and animated children become..."

    Scott E. Feldman, LMSW – Dir., UCP

  • “Brian has all the attributes I seek…he thinks, he acts and he leads.”

    Joel Levine – Supervisor, D75, NYC Dept of Ed.

  • “A dedicated therapist...Helped our son make enormous gains and gave him confidence to do things he never thought he could do.”

    Jacqueline B. – RN, Parent

  • “A fine leader, constantly striving for excellence...Offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects and challenges with great enthusiasm and tenacity.”

    Nancy Storms – Assist. Principal, D75 NYC Dept of Ed.

  • “Very conscientious therapist - a wonderful advocate for children.”

    Anita Guiliani – Assoc. Director, Marathon Infants and Toddlers

  • “Cutting-edge leadership...a Renaissance person with deep and well-cultivated interests…”

    Paul Helgeson -Special education teacher

  • “Thoroughly professional...Excellent rapport...Cheerful disposition”

    Margaret Struck – Principal, MS 104

  • “Warm style...Trusted colleague”

    Leslie Zackman – Principal, PS59

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