Brian Muni: Occupational Therapist

  • “Bright and imaginative”

    Steven E Kanor, PhD - Pres, CEO, Toys for Special Children, Inc

  • “Creative and passionate...Positive and encouraging...Uncovered ways to motivate my child other therapists could not.”

    Kristin C. - Parent

  • “Unique style. Engaged everyone through use of music, rhythm and verbal praise. I’m amazed at how visibly ‘alive’ and animated children become..."

    Scott E. Feldman, LMSW - Dir., UCP

  • “Brian has all the attributes I seek…he thinks, he acts and he leads.”

    Joel Levine - Supervisor, D75, NYC Dept of Ed.

  • “A dedicated therapist...Helped our son make enormous gains and gave him confidence to do things he never thought he could do.”

    Jacqueline B. - RN, Parent

  • “A fine leader, constantly striving for excellence...Offers a fresh perspective and creative approach to projects and challenges with great enthusiasm and tenacity.”

    Nancy Storms - Assist. Principal, D75 NYC Dept of Ed.

  • “Very conscientious therapist - a wonderful advocate for children.”

    Anita Guiliani - Assoc. Director, Marathon Infants and Toddlers

  • “Cutting-edge leadership...a Renaissance person with deep and well-cultivated interests…”

    Paul Helgeson -Special education teacher

  • “Thoroughly professional...Excellent rapport...Cheerful disposition”

    Margaret Struck - Principal, MS 104

  • “Warm style...Trusted colleague”

    Leslie Zackman - Principal, PS59

  • Brian Muni, MA, OTR is an occupational therapist with nearly twenty-five years experience treating adults and special needs children in schools, homes, clinics, hospitals and institutional settings.  He is a bilingual Spanish speaker and comes with administrative and managerial experience in educational, medical and media settings.  He is a graduate of New York University, 1993. MA, Occupational Therapy (Pediatrics and Technology Fellow); Brown University, 1979. BA., Honors, English and American Literature.

    Brian currently is employed by the New York City Department of Education, where he has served as a Senior and Instructional Occupational Therapist, treating autistic, intellectually disabled, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed and multiply handicapped students.  He brings a wide variety of treatment approaches and modalities to his practice, including traditional sensory integration and neurodevelopmental handling, music and songwriting strategies, Get Ready To Learn yoga techniques, assistive technology, therapeutic horse riding and aquatic therapies.  Brian is also Executive Director of Theraplay Developmental Resources, LLC, where, as an independent practitioner and small business owner, he has evaluated and treated developmental, sensory-processing, neurologic and orthopedic concerns in Early Intervention, Pre-school and school based populations.

  • Since 1993, Brian has specialized in Using Music™ to help clients of all ages reach occupational therapy goals.  He has shared these results in multiple ways, including through workshops he has conducted, in performances of inclusion choirs he has directed, and in instructional songs, videos and curricula he has created. All attest to the efficacy and motivational powers of Using Music™ to promote new learning and assist with the achieving of a variety of therapeutic objectives.

    In individual or group settings, Brian’s sensory-based MuniMethod™may utilize interactive drumming, strumming of guitar or ukulele, call and response singing, creating and writing of original rap/lyrics, individualized exercises and movements to address fine motor strengthening, manipulation, handwriting and written communication skills, improved attention, direction-following, turn-taking, increased coping with frustration and use of relaxation techniques in order to promote success in school activities and improve functional independence at home.

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