• "I've always been drawn to inspirational people. People who listen, people who empathize and can offer reasonable insight...whether it's delivered in song or conversation...That's why I listen to Brian Muni."


    Carlos Alomar – Famed Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, Educator

  • “Brian Muni’s LIVE SONG RADIO is what live radio is all about: spontaneity and engagement with a community of listeners - sharing moments, music, and laughter together in real time. Bringing people together. This has always been the true power of radio, and it is always a thrill to join the fun on Brian’s show!”

    Richard Barone – Acclaimed Musician, Songwriter, Artist

  • “Never have I worked with a more effective occupational therapist. Tremendous asset! Never fails to go above and beyond what is expected of him. Through his musical skills, talent and creativity, he has developed students’ interest and heretofore undiscovered abilities.”

    Steven M. Elson – Guidance Counselor

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